Scott Arciszewski at the DEFCON Crypto & Privacy Village

About The Author

My name is Scott Arciszewski. I’m a security engineer that specializes in applied cryptography and has a deep background with scripting languages and web programming languages.

Some people think that’s a weird background. To their credit, I did implement the Curve25519 field arithmetic in pure PHP. Twice.

If you’ve ever heard of me, it’s most likely because of my involvement in improving the security of open source software. Or because of Twitter, where I interact with hundreds of people smarter and funnier than myself.

As a result of my effort to improve the security of the Internet, I’m ranked in the top 1% of StackOverflow users, and was the first user to get a gold badge for both security and encryption tags.

When I’m not working on security nerd stuff, I can be occasionally found playing multiplayer video games with my friends.

I do not speak for my employer or any company.

About Semantically Secure

A lot of Internet arguments devolve quickly into semantics. A lot of cryptography software fails to uphold a property called semantic security.

Thus, I decided that Semantically Secure was an appropriate title for a blog that encompasses Internet arguments about cryptography.

Contact Scott Arciszewski

If you want to get in contact with me, the easiest way is Twitter: @CiPHPerCoder.